Stamford Tri Club

Membership catetories

At a glance

The following membership categories are available for 2019-2020 for existing members

  • Adult Single Membership - £35
  • Adult Joint Membership - £65
  • Junior Membership - £20 (Junior = under 18 Yrs)

  • From 1st Jan 2020 the following rates for NEW members will apply - please contact me by email if you are a NEW Member wishing to join

    Month Adult Junior
    Dec 19 £33 £18
    Jan 20 £30 £16
    Feb 20 £27 £14
    Mar 20 £24 £12
    Apr 20 £21 £10
    May 20 £18 £9
    Jun 20 £15 £8
    Jul 20 £12 £7
    Aug 20 £9 £6
    Sep 20 £6 £4
    Oct 20 £3 £2

  • Adult Waiver Form

  • Junior Waiver Form
  • How to Renew your Membership - 2019-20

    Dear Member

    Just a reminder that the annual membership for existing members fell due on 1st November 2019. I apologise for the delay sorting this out.

    Those of you that joined up last year using the online system should have got an email already. Please follow the instructions in the email to renew your membership.

    Please make sure that you choose the correct membership category and fill out the details requested. If you are an existing member then you will need to pay the full amount of renewal even if you renew after the renewal date.

    If you are a NEW member then the membership fee you pay will decrease throughout the year and the LoveAdmin site will be amended monthly to reflect this.

    Please help the club by renewing as soon as you can. The swimming fees allow us to break even on swim hire, and the subscription fees are therefore important to allow the club to function by (amongst other things) purchasing new swim kit, and paying for BTF subscriptions.

    If you are NOT currently a member but would like to join then please follow the following link to access the registration page - Love Admin - Stamford Tri Club

    I would be most grateful if you could kindly choose your membership category and fill out the details requested.

    In any event when you get to the payment page you will should have a choice to pay by Card or by PayPal. The name on your card payment will be Payhere Ltd which is the company which runs the Love Admin software. You may have to unclick the pay by Paypal option in order to pay by card if this is what you prefer.

    Alternatively, if you would prefer to pay by BACS then please pay the relevant amount (see above) to the this account

  • 09-01-28
  • 76666488
  • Santander
  • and please use your Surname as the payment ref so I know which payment is yours!

  • If you choose to pay by BACS please also let me know you have done this, and email me the following details for each member/s

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Email
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone

  • Once your membership is completed you should get an email link which will give you access to your account on our system. Once I have confirmed your membership I will send you out a new Membership card.

    If anyone has any issues trying to register their membership or pay for it using the online system, please let me know?

    Chris Dawson
    STC Treasurer / Membership Secretary
    31 Dec 2018